Monthly Programme

May Programme

 Tuesday May 2nd 7pm Chenrezig Practice at the Gompa  37 Sunny Grove  Wainuiomata

Tuesday May 9th 7pm Meditation 5th Verse of The Foundation of All Good Qualities at Pam’s in Tawa.
Wednesday May 10th 7pm Medicine Buddha Puja at the Gompa in Wainuiomata.
Tuesday May 16th 7pm Meditation (As above) at the Gompa Wainuiomata.
Tuesday May 23rd 7pm Chenrezig Practice at Pam’s in Tawa.
Tuesday May 30th 7pm Meditation (As above) at the Gompa Wainuiomata.
Please fine attached meditation notes.
Any queries please phone either Paul 027 554 5543  or Sheryn 021 509 605


Below please find the notes for the meditation

Verse 5 from The Foundation of all Good Qualities

(Seeking Samsaric pleasures…..)

Nagarajuna said “Fathers, sons, wives and enemies can change:

Friends may become the opposite

And change again;

Samsara holds no shred of certainty”.

  1. Friends in the early parts of our lives can become enemies later on in our lives; our enemies can become our friends. This holds for wealth and poverty; someone who was rich yesterday can become poor today because he was robbed by his enemies. Things in samsara change from moment to moment there is no certainty at all.
  2. Our pleasures are like drinking salt water, no matter how much you drink you will never be satisfied. A person may have 100 dollars, he will think “When will I get 1000?, when will I get 10,000”, no matter how much we get we always look for more, we are never satisfied. We might go for 3 holidays see 100 sunsets swim in the warm ocean again and again but when we return home we will want to do it again. We have an inbuilt insatiability.
  3. Samsara cannot supply ultimate unchanging happiness. We can only get this by being liberated from the cycles of samsara.
 Give Sheryn a call should you wish further information on 021 509 605  or Paul 027 554 5543

Sheryn, Paul, Pam and Nichole

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